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Eric Chen

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Eric is responsible for providing IT and technical support. He is also involved with administering, developing, and validating psychometric instruments.

Eric utilises his five years of work experience as a research assistant in MINDEF. There, he built and managed an online training system, wrote programs/macros to automate data processing, documented work processes, provided staff training, conducted surveys, performed data analysis and generated reports. He was also a significant contributor & presenter of Work Improvement Teams (WITS) Projects.

After that, he went on a short stint at a centre for special needs children. He built an online web store and various blogs while conducting neurofeedback training and managing the physical store-front.

He then worked as an operations executive at a vital government ministry. He led a team of junior officers, conducted interviews, provided customer support and ensured the smooth operation of a service centre that services a few thousand customers daily. He documented over 80 pages of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) covering day-to-day operations. He also submitted and implemented over 30 WITS suggestions that improved the centre’s operations.

Eric is keen to develop further in Data Science, Fintech and Business Strategy. He reads very widely and has acquired much knowledge ranging from psychology to nutrition to physics to information technology. He is constantly finding ways to improve the world around him. He supports Kosh Consulting in creating innovative solutions, improving productivity and adding value to its clients.

Eric is currently studying for a Bachelor of IT at Murdoch University with a double major in Games Software Design & Production plus Mobile & Web Application Development. He has a Specialist Diploma in Digital Business, Specialist Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology, as well as a Post-Diploma Certificate in Counselling and Coaching

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