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Why Us   

Practical Consulting Experience 

Most of our consultants have a minimum of 20 years experience working for or with a broad range of clients in various sectors. As a consequence, we are adept at understanding the real world needs of clients; able to work with people from diverse industries; and are experienced in crafting practical solutions that are both efficient and effective.

Strong Professional Qualifications

The majority of our consultants have postgraduate qualifications from reputable universities, and are affiliated to major professional associations. A number are recipients of prestigious scholarships, and some are academics in top universities. By working with professionals of this calibre, we are able to maintain the high standards of our scientifically based approach.

Broad Range of Expertise 

Our competency covers most of the key consulting areas of psychology, talent management and human capital development. It is this comprehensive coverage that allows us to remain effective when advising large organisations with complex structures and inter-related needs.

Leadership & Management Calibre 

We have a preference to work with consultants who have significant leadership and management experiences. Having this background enables them to relate better to the senior leadership in our client organisations, and to frame key issues in a top-down organisation-wide perspective. We understand the needs of leaders because we are leaders ourselves.

Experience with Governments 

A number of our consultants began their careers in government service. As a consequence we understand the mindset of government and government-linked agencies, the unique considerations that they have, and the manner in which we can best serve them. It is this cultural sensitivity that clearly sets us apart from others.

Outsourcing Partner of Choice 

A key focus of the Kosh Consulting Group is to be the partner of choice for organisations looking to outsource work to strategic partners. The unique background and talent of our consultants, and our willingness to build our business model around this approach, makes us the ideal trusted partner for clients seeking strategic alliances.

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