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About Us   


Kosh Consulting Group is a premier consulting firm and a leading advisor on human capital and corporate strategy.  We strive to be the trusted global partner for our clients, with an unwavering focus on providing transformative solutions that best addresses their highest value opportunities and most critical needs.


We distinguish ourselves through strategic long-term partnerships with key clients, and through a high level of customization and world-class service.  The delivery of our solutions rests on an integrated network of freelance consultants in a broad range of disciplines.


Kosh Consulting Group is driven by a set of core values which guides and shapes the way we work with our clients. They set a firm foundation for how we act and make critical decisions together with our valued clients. 



Put Clients First 

At all times, we strive to put the interests of our clients above our own.  If necessary, we will make the added effort and spend the extra time above and beyond our call of duty, if that is what it takes to fulfil our mission.  Putting clients first also means a willingness to take on projects that are sometimes overlooked by others, or going into an area of work that does not necessarily maximise our profit, if by doing so we can be of greater service to our valued clients.

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