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Chan Poh Leng

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Poh Leng is an associate with Kosh Consulting Group. She adds value to clients and services, leveraging on her unique and diverse background in administration, marketing, linguistics and design. She serves as a point of liaison with testing agencies ranging from government entities to multi-nationals; organises and coordinates activities relating to test administrations; provides test schedules and information; as well as test scoring and report generation support. She also lends support to clients and end-users, and conducts training for the proprietary online assessment platform iAssess.

Prior to Kosh Consulting Group, Poh Leng worked for nine years as a research assistant with the Singapore Ministry of Defence. She received specialist training in applied psychology and statistics and was involved in the conducting of tests, mass surveys, personal interviews and overseas behavioural studies of Singapore Armed Forces soldiers and staff. She also played a direct role in the compilation and statistical computations of data, and in the presentations of findings.

During her tenure with the former Science Council of Singapore (R&D Department), Poh Leng collaborated with researchers to organise and publish research papers; plan and schedule seminar programmes and council meetings; prepare minutes of meetings and reports; and develop promotional collaterals for events. She moved on to sharpen her administrative skills further when she worked with schools and trainers on enrichment and training workshops for pupils and teachers; created certificates of participation and feedback reports; and was charged with handling billing and staff payroll.

Having won art awards during her college days and obtained certificates in both advertising art & design as well as graphic design, Poh Leng exercised her creative streak as a graphic designer with a short stint in a book publishing company. She later assumed the role of product marketing manager in a local start-up and managed the marketing of a hosted enterprise web platform for bulk mobile messaging delivery; working with strategic mobile operators for seamless routing and competitive pricing; drove demand and subscription with email campaigns, promotional events and trade shows; developed marketing materials such as press releases, white papers, brochures and sales kits; as well as lead generation and customer relations.

Poh Leng is also adept in transcription work and she freelanced with market research companies for over five years and has produced quality transcripts from audio recordings of focus group interviews. She also performs verbatim reporting of speeches and proceedings of parliamentary sittings for the Parliament of Singapore on an ad-hoc basis.

Poh Leng is self-driven, committed and believes in strong work ethics to drive character and competency. She sees herself growing in tandem with Kosh Consulting Group, building on its people-centric philosophy to achieve personal satisfaction and professional fulfilment.

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