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Senior Consultant

Melissa Lim



A corporate veteran from the Media and Financial industries, Melissa has more than 6 years of experience at the strategic level, leading and supporting Organisational Development and Human Resource Development strategies.

Previously the Vice President of OCBC Service Academy, Melissa played a key role nurturing the service-excellent culture of OCBC Bank, which eventually won accolades for its Service Excellence. She led a team which was responsible for training service personnel at all customer contact points: call centre, retail outlets, relationship banking and support services. Additionally, Melissa and her team were involved in regular service audits and coaching to reinforce expected service standards. During her tenure, Melissa also spearheaded the service leadership training programme for OCBC supervisors and managers. She was the Project Leader for the Bank’s GEM Award which recognised outstanding service personnel and was the Bank’s first representative at the Association of Bank EXSA committee. She started the EXSA awards for OCBC, which produced the first EXSA Superstar Award winner for the Bank.

As a consultant, Melissa has offered advice in customer experience strategies as well as developed and conducted service training workshops for the hospitality and F&B industries. In July 2010, Melissa served 1 year as a service quality consultant to develop service standards which she eventually captured in a Server Training Manual. In addition, she trained, coached and audited service staff to deliver consistent quality service across 5 outlets. This experience served to enhance her expertise in managing customers and training service personnel.

Prior to this appointment, Melissa spent 5 years with MediaCorp. As the Head of Learning & Development, she successfully realigned the internal training unit to support changed corporate objectives. Later on, she spearheaded the set-up of Singapore Media Academy, a commercial training subsidiary of MediaCorp. Throughout her corporate career, she partnered various third party organisations, such as Singapore and Australian government agencies, to develop and offer training programs that cater to the local media and banking industries.

Since 2008, Melissa has served as a Consultant Trainer and Facilitator to over 40 global organisations and local enterprises from a wide spectrum of industries: Banking and Finance, Media, Retail, Information technology, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Design, Engineering, Mining, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Tourism, Hospitality, Chemical and Gas and Government. She has a proven track record facilitating over 100 leadership programmes in communication, change leadership, performance management, coaching and influencing skills to audiences of APAC leaders from global organisations.

In the area of Talent Management, Melissa leads Assessment and Development Centers for Executive Selection and Development for senior leaders.  Since 2010, she has conducted full-day simulations and interacted with executive candidates to assess their proficiency in selected leadership and management competencies. This involves evaluating assessment centre findings with other data sources to present assessment reports which are used by clients for selection and development decision-making. Melissa also provides post-assessment feedback and executive coaching. Since 2012, Melissa has been involved in several scholarship assessment projects.


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