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Senior Consultant

Doreen Goh

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Doreen Goh has been a learning and development consultant since 2000, and she also designs and develops workshop curricula. She has conducted training for more than 8,000 people in hospitality, retail, medical, transportation, entertainment industries and non-profit organisations in the areas of Leadership Development, Service Excellence, Creative Thinking and Passion at Work. Doreen has facilitated workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, India, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Vietnam and Slovakia.

Previously, Doreen was in senior learning and development positions in both PwC and Mercer where she was responsible for client corporate training for both ASEAN and Greater China, in particular in the area of leadership development. She was the Talent Management Advisor for the Talent Management function within Mercer’s internal HR and was responsible for the whole of L&D function, Performance Management and Succession Planning; as well as managing the high potentials group within Mercer Greater China.

Doreen was an assessor in the assessment and selection team in Mercer China, where she assisted an automotive client in a large-scale assessment and selection exercise involving more than 1,600 candidates over two years.

Doreen is a highly experienced facilitator in the areas of leadership, change management, facilitation skills, presentation skills, problem solving and decision making, lateral thinking skills, coaching individuals and a service team, passion at work and influencing skills for managers. She had co-written a training activity book, ToyDeas© and was a curriculum specialist engaged by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) in 2004 and 2007. She had also developed a “Certified Service Professional” national curriculum (ver 1.0) with WDA in 2008 that had more than 35,000 trained till 2014.

Doreen has an MBA from the University of Western Sydney and an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, ACTA, focusing on competency-based approach in curriculum design. She is also an accredited MBTI facilitator and a certified coach.

Doreen’s passion is about helping people to develop to their highest potential. She believes that everyone can be developed as long as they have the inner desire and will to be coached and nurtured. Coaching assists to sustain that momentum of learning after participants had undergone a developmental programme or a workshop. Coaching works at any level of intervention, be it a performance issue or even in preparing someone to take on additional responsibilities or next role. As an integral coach, Doreen believes in evoking excellence in others so that they develop competencies to generate excellence in the long term that is both self-correcting and self-generating.


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