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David Wee

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David Wee is a veteran in the growing Outplacement industry. He helps organisations in workforce management especially when the global economy is disrupted by major world events. His clients include multinational corporations in industries such as Finance and Banking, Healthcare, Infocomm, Logistics, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals.

During his 30-year career, David worked in several industry forerunners. His foray into the outplacement industry started when he joined DBM – the first Outplacement company in the world, as a Consultant in 2001 and later became the Managing Consultant of the Singapore office. He joined Lee Hecht Harrison – the largest outplacement firm in the world, in 2005 as the Managing Director for the Singapore office. Over the next 8 years, David has built and developed the business and a team that later won LHH’s coveted “Country of the year award” in 2013 – over 70 other countries.

David and his team have coached thousands of people, who were going through a career transition, to conduct their own first-class job search to get the best possible job in the shortest possible time with the least amount of stress. At the same time, he has also consulted with many organisations to plan and implement their workforce right sizing programs. With his experience, David understands his clients’ urgent need to reduce operational cost while maintaining a high-performance workforce.

Prior to Outplacement, David started his career in the Infocomm sector working with companies like IBM, Lotus, Computer Associates, and Sun Microsystems. His senior management roles in these Fortune 500 companies gave him first-hand experience in a MNC setting. He later transitioned to the recruitment business through companies like Boyden, Job Street and Adecco. Capitalising on his recruitment experience, he is better poised to make an impact in the Outplacement industry.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science from University of Arkansas (USA). He also has a Diploma in Counselling Psychology from Lee Community College. With his experience in the Outplacement industry, David is regularly called upon by the media to provide authoritative comments about organisations that are undergoing change as well as individuals in career transition. He contributes employment related articles in the print media and has also been interviewed over Channel 5 and Channel News Asia. During his leisure time, David enjoys being a long-time learner of golf and doing occasional acting with Media Corp’s docudrama division in Channel News Asia.


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