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Senior Consultant

Cedric Yeo



Cedric Yeo is an Organisational Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resource, Learning & Development and Industrial/Organisational Psychology. He has trained and consulted with businesses and government agencies in various industries such as Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Property and Building. He has worked with clients including Walton, Prudential, Enviocarb, IPASA and CAAS amongst others.

Prior to this, Cedric had an illustrious career with the Singapore Ministry of Defence, heading up the Field Psychology Branch (Head of Organisation Development) for eight years. He specialised in providing organisational development solutions to the military, and supported many Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) senior leaders in their change endeavours. He also co-developed the SAF Officer Assessment Centre, and has designed and developed Leadership Development Programmes for leaders and commanders at all levels.

Over the years, Cedric has trained thousands of people in the area of stress management, and designed programmes to maximise team performance under extreme conditions. He also played a key role in advising on Change Management matters for clients.

He has considerable experience in Assessment and Selection, starting out with Special Forces selection in 1995 to developing today’s Assessment Centres to identify key talent for public service and dynamic private organisations such as the IT and Maritime sectors. Heading up a Survey Research Unit for two years, Cedric has also conducted numerous engagement and organisational culture surveys, including nation-wide public opinion polls for his clients.

Cedric has coached senior leaders on leadership and leading effective teams, utilising appropriate psychometric tools and 360° Feedback Interventions. He developed programmes to train leaders on coaching, leading change and building their teams. In HR matters, Cedric has helped clients address workplace safety and advised on key drivers affecting Employee Relations and Retention. He has also conducted large-scale organisational diagnosis on systemic workplace and leadership behaviours leading to Job Satisfaction, Workplace Engagement and Retention amongst thousands of public sector health workers.

Cedric holds an Honours degree in Psychology from Nottingham University (UK) under the SAF Overseas Merit Scholarship; and a Masters in Psychology from George Mason University in Virginia (USA) under the SAF Postgraduate Scholarship. He retired from the armed forces with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (NS).  Cedric is a firm believer that much of the human potential is untapped and waiting to be released, and he has found many successes to this end.


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