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Unlocking Your Full Potential   

Professional Advice Delivered Better 

Kosh Consulting Group is a specialist consulting firm and a leading advisor on human capital and corporate strategy. We help clients harness the talent of independent consultants, to deliver high quality solutions in a more flexible and cost effective manner compared to traditional practices.


We support clients that recognize the challenges in engaging and retaining highly qualified professionals both in-house and in consulting firms. 

Discerning Clients

Our consultant panel comprises of individuals who enjoy much control and flexibility in the work that they take on, allowing them to serve clients on projects that bring out the best in them.

Independent Consultants

The positive and engaging work arrangements that we have created has garnered great feedback, leading to more satisfaction and better effectiveness.

Best Outcomes

Thriving in Industry 4.0

We live in an age of unprecedented technological advancement. With the rapid advancements in AI and robotics, traditional job roles are being upended and replaced at an accelerated rate. In order to thrive in the workplace, workplace reskilling is crucial. To overcome this, one can turn to the development of future-proof skills. 


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Psychometric Testing 

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Employee Engagement

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