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Senior Consultant

Lim Kian Kok



KK has had extensive working experience with some major global organizations in business sector as well as in the consulting field. In consulting, he has had over 20 years of experience with major global consulting companies where he held senior appoints. He has participated in as well as led consulting assignments with firms across the Asia Pacific region and globally. His expertise includes partnering with clients in developing and clarifying organization structures as well a role accountabilities for effectiveness; the development and deployment of total rewards strategies that support the alignment of individual and team goals with corporate strategies and desired outcomes; and enhancing employee engagement that sustains organizational culture and values and hence supports the achievement of organizational strategies. Some key industry segments he has partnered with include financial services and in particular banking and insurance; transportation including airlines and shipping companies; power and utilities; pharmaceutical and consumer products; and the public sector.

In developing solutions, KK is particularly focused on data-based analytics to ensure that potential options are properly researched and substantiated. He typically works through key stakeholders for proposed options with consideration for business and environmental context, robustness and transparency. In implementation recommendations, he places great emphasis on practicality, simplicity as well as ease of communications that promotes clarity and ease of understanding by impacted groups.

In consulting, KK was a Director of the Hay Group and his last appointment was the Country Head for Thailand while in Mercer Human Resources Consulting, he was the Head of the Human Resources Advisory business for Singapore and Malaysia. He has also held senior management roles in leading companies. Among his notable appointments, he was the Chief Financial Officer of a major subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, the Head of Human Resources for a major business unit within General Electric as well as the Head of Human Resources for a major local bank in Singapore. More recently, he was the Chief Human Resources Officer of Nanyang Technological University.

KK is a BSc (Econs) London and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He is certified CMPC coach as well as certified user of the Birkman Assessment methodology.


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